These apps are all designed to complement and support the portable apps available for free download from www.portableapps.com.

Yadabyte Portables are:

arrow Free
arrow Open Source (For Security Apps)
arrow Very Simple
arrow Truly portable

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Yadabyte Passwords

There are many password managers out there. Yadabyte Passwords is our take on them.

arrow Very Secure AES 256 Encryption
arrow Works from any USB Key, floppy, hard drive…
arrow Simple Minimal Interface with “Nokia” browsing.
arrow Unencrypted data is never stored anywhere
arrow Includes portable Pocket PC version, that works seamlessly on the same Passwords file. Now that's portable!

Yadabyte Passwords is a secure but simple app, if you are a power-user the free, open source and excellent KeePass password Safe is our recommendation.

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- April 17,2006

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Yadabyte Password

Yadabyte Shhh!!!

Yadabyte Shhh!!! is an occasional use, simple, portable and secure text based encryption app. It provides lifestyle encryption of text such as emails, credit card details or MSN messages. It isn't PGP but with AES 256 if the password isn't compromised the encryption won't be broken.

arrow The communication is secured with AES 256 encryption. If the password is not compromised then nor will the encrypted text be.
arrow Very simple for anyone who knows how to copy and paste: "Mum I need to send you my credit card details. download this. and paste this. the password is your cat's name."
arrow Truly portable and tiny in size, Yadabyte Shhh!!! Runs on any XP PC from any medium.
arrow No data ever saved anywhere.
arrow Open source, like every security app should be.

Note: Yadabyte Shhh!!! Makes no attempt at password distribution, it is up to you to make sure your "friends" have the password you use. If you are a spy you should use PGP or similar. Most of us can get enough security relevant to the kind of encryption we need (credit card numbers, business memos, romantic message.) using the phone, face to face etc.

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- May 08,2006

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Yadabyte Shhh!!!

Yadabyte Dictionary

Yadabyte Dictionary is the new and state of the art dictionary with unheard of compression, speed and a wonderfully intuitive interface, it is simply the best.

arrow More definitions and synonyms than any other dictionary. These all stem from an awesome 145,000 + definitions.
arrow Incredibly small file size : thanks to our bespoke, next generation, text compression techniques. With Yadabyte Dictionary we have compressed nearly 24 megabytes of information into a mere 5 megabytes
arrow The Intuitive Tab based interface allows for easy and refined usage .
arrow Now Yadabyte Dictionary automatically finds any word you have copied to the clipboard or highlighted within the app.

NOTE: This is an American English Dictionary

arrow Download Yadabyte Dictionary
- July 05, 2006[New]
arrow Download Source Code
Yadabyte Shhh!!!

Yadabyte Notes

The main aim of YBN is to give you one place where you can keep all the "stuff" of your life. A place that you can carry with you to use on any PC, and soon PPC and PALM. If you practice GTD and Todoque then this application is ideal for "collection", list management and archiving. If you don't, it's just a great, simple, note pad.

arrow Free, Portable and unlike anything before it.
arrow Perpetual Open Notes File – Your notes will be kept in a single file (html) that you can keep using and carry for ever.  This file can be opened in any web browser, text editor or word processor.
arrow Every note records its history, so you need never loose information, even if your clear the note.
arrow Notes can be a single phone number jotted down in a hurry, a chapter of your next book or anything in between.
arrow Natural Navigation – Say goodbye to indexes and lists, YBN uses an innovative text based navigation system. You want John's phone number, type "john". You want the email draught for the Seattle trip, type "Seattle".  You might have a million notes, Natural Navigation will allow you to find them in the fastest, most intuitive way.
arrow Spell Checker - Check out the new spell checker feature. Now you don't need to open MSWord every time you need to check your spelling.

arrow Download Yadabyte Notes
- June 09, 2006[New]
Yadabyte Notes

Yadabyte Subtext

Yadabyte Subtext is a free, simple and portable text substitution app that can save you loads of time... on any PC you are on.

arrow Text substitution is the foolproof way to save loads of time by shortcutting frequently typed words, text and phrases to memorable short cuts.
arrow For example, typing "bbw" and pressing space or enter will instantly substitute your signature.
arrow You can define any shortcut and any substitution text.
arrow We recommend the productivity professional convention of double characterising; "bbw", "tthank", "eemail"...
arrow Please give us your suggestions for this or any Yadabyte Portable, we are here to improve them for you.

arrow Download Yadabyte SubText
- April 21, 2006
arrow Download Source Code
Yadabyte SubText

Yadabyte Disk

Simple and secure disk encryption for your USB drives or hard drives.

arrow Drop and Launch Portability : Works from any folder, encrypting every folder beneath it.
arrow Super simple to use.
arrow Secure with AES 128 Encryption
arrow Fast.

Yadabyte Disk is a secure but simple app, if you are a power-user the free, open source and excellent True Crypt is our recommendation

arrow Temporarily unavailable
arrow Temporarily unavailable
Yadabyte Disk

Portable Tips

arrow Get Portable Firefox (internet) and Portable Thunderbird (email).
arrow Use the free Microsoft Synctoy to synchronise hard drives across your networks, giving you portability in your home without the need for a USB key.

Yadabyte Portables are released under GPL Lisence. Copyright © Yadabyte

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